Window guards

An extra lock on the door
Imagine this: While you are working a job, a burglar smashes the back window of you van, and takes all your expensive tools. And, even worse, leaving you unable to finish your job. Incredibly frustrating indeed!,br />Our window guards will prove to be a much bigger challenge to the common thief. Because our window guards are mounted into the door, it will be nearly impossible to enter your van through a back window(s). Truly an extra lock on your vans’ door.

Our window guards are painted with an unobtrusive black coating. Off course, the holes in the window gaurds will guarantee a sufficient rear view, without making them more vulnerable.

An extra advantage of window gaurds is that they will protect your windows against moving freight. As a result, a bouncing plank will not damage your window anymore.

Window guards are suitable for:

  • Independent contractors who want to park their van with the reassurance that their inventory is protected.
  • The courier that wants to prevent moving freight form damaging the rear windows of their car.

Good to know

  • Only purchase window guards that are sprayed/painted with a protective layer of foam. They will prevent an annoying chattering noise while driving at high speed.
  • We sell window guards for vans with two doors, with tail lifts or with sliding doors. This enables us to cover almost any van on the market.

Window guard mounting
You can mount our window guards quickly and rock solid with the accompanied self-tapping screws. Off course, we will also provide you with the necessary mounting materials and the assembly instructions for your specific car model.

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