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Avoid high repair costs for a small damage.
Imagine this: Because you are in a hurry, you accidentally make a too sharp turn next to a high curb. This small mishap leaves a large scratch across the width of your car. Total repair costs: €3,200.-! Not even considering you have to park your vehicle at the garage for a while, leaving you unable to use your car and do your job.

You do not experience this financial and practical discomfort when you invest in a set of side bars. That is because side bars protect your van or 4x4 against damage, caused by contact with high curbs, forklifts or street poles.
Because our side bars are mounted to the chassis of the car, they will absorb the majority of the impact. Enabling you to continue driving with an immaculate vehicle.

We develop and produce sidebars in our workshop for over 10 years already. This ensures high-quality stainless steel side bars. Our sidebars come with the German TÜV approval, a highest standard available!

Side bars are suitable for:

  • The courier who frequently has to load/unload freight at the side door(s) of his van.
  • The independent contractor who drives a lot in an urban environment, and has to twist and turn through small streets and along treacherous poles.
  • The hard working independent contractor who wants to give her/his van more body.
  • The entrepreneur who cannot leave his car at the garage for a few days.

Good to know

  • Which length sidebar you need depends on the wheelbase of your car. Sidebars are available for cars with a; short wheelbase, medium wheelbase and a long wheelbase.
  • Some car manufacturers make changes to the chassis during a model change or update, therefor check the year and month of build carefully.
  • The thicker the sidebars’ wall, the stronger it is.
  • Do you use the sidebars to get in or out of the vehicle? You could think about ordering additional steps.
  • Orion Automotive uses a special developed lip, this construction makes hinging impossible at a collision.

Mounting side bars
In 99% of all cases our side bars can be mounted to the chassis. All mounting parts and a “how to” manual is included.

To keep your sidebars in top condition please maintain them with Autosol Metal Polish. Even the best quality stainless steel may suffer from the weather.

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