Roof racks

That extra bit of capacity
A roof rack is a very functional accessory when you often bring materials to a job that stretch out over the entire length of your van. Essential for individual contractors who often use ladders for their work.

We offer custom made roof racks for almost every van available. These are either developed in our own production facility, or they are delivered by the British accessory producer Rhino. Our in house developed roof racks we can instantly mount for you if required.

Roof racks are suitable for:

  • The entrepreneur who is in need of some extra cargo space, but does not need/want a new van.
  • Individual contractors who often use a ladder.
  • Plumbers, or other small business owners, who need space for long tubes.

Good to know

  • We only sell roof racks with a wind deflector (a spiral that revolves around the first tube above the cabin). This prevents a lot of wind noise.
  • All our roof racks come with a mounted ladder roll. So you can quickly and easily put a ladder on it.
  • We also sell additional accessories for roof racks like: ladder clamp systems and pipe tubes.
  • Do you need the extra loading capacity just occasionally? Then consider roof rails, all kinds of accessories, which temporarily increase the loading capacity, can be fitted then.
  • Regulations: roof loadings, at the sides of the car, may not stick out more than 20cm. When it sticks out over 10cm than the load also needs to be marked.

Roof rack mounting
We partially assemble the roof racks of Orion before we ship them, enabling you to mount the roof rack quickly onto the roof of your car. That is quite easy to do, especially if you ask someone for help.

You will have to assemble a Rhino roof rack by yourself. This is not difficult at all if you follow the mounting instruction that we send along with your order.

Off course, you can expect all the necessary mounting materials, and the assembly instructions, to be send along with your order.

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