Rear bars

Prevent damage to your rear bumper
Rear bars are an indispensable accessory for drivers who frequently have to load/unload cargo at the back of their van. That is because they prevent damage to the back of your vehicle. When, for example, a forklift driver makes a judgment error, he/she will bump into the rear bar instead of pressing a dent in the rear bumper or back doors.

Like our side bars we develop all of our rear bars in house, for over 14 years now. Because we can rely on our experience, we only deliver products of excellent quality.

Rear bars are suitable for:

  • Drivers who frequently have to load/unload cargo at the back of their van.
  • Entrepreneurs who want a protective step at the back of their van.
  • Couriers who want to prevent denting the back of their vehicle while driving in reverse.

Good to know:

  • You cannot use a rear bar and a trailer coupling at the same time. If you want to be able to use a trailer, we advise you to purchase either corner bars or a rear step.
  • If you (also) want to use your protective accessory as a small stair, go for a rear step. They are developed for this combined functionality.
  • For mounting Orion Automotive uses a special lip construction which makes hinging impossible during a collision.

Rear bar mounting:
It is very easy to mount our rear bars. To make it even more simple you will receive assembly instructions, along with the mounting materials, with your delivery.

To keep your rear bar in top condition please maintain it with Autosol Metal Polish. Even the best quality stainless steel may suffer from the weather.

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